HEKO Management

Strategic Solutions, Interim Results

New beginnings

The best of both worlds

Why not give the company the best of both worlds? With a background as both accountant and CFO, I have been 360 degrees around management, strategy and the finance function.

SME companies employ CFOs without the need for full-time employment. The company will be better served with a 20-30-40% CFO attached as a superstructure to a fully invested and functional accounting function.

With a permanent connection, expensive acquired knowledge stays in the company and does not disappear out the door with the consultant. We build a collaboration where tasks can be turned up and down depending on work pressure and new tasks.

In a cooperate setting or in relation to Family Offices, project-based tasks are solved where e.g. sufficient resources are lacking.
Hvorfor ikke give virksomheden det bedste fra to verdener? Med baggrund som både revisor og CFO har jeg været 360 grader rundt om ledelse, strategi og økonomifunktionen.


  • Business management
  • Interim CFO
  • Management of the finance department
  • Liquidity management, cash management and funding
  • Budget and business plans
  • Construction and development of management reporting
  • Project Management
  • Implementation ERP
  • Digitization of processes
  • Change management
  • Governance
  • Internationalization and streamlining of company structures

Services are provided in defined work fields

The agreed delivery is, by agreement, executed in the optimal way for the company

The catalyst field
Mobilizes all or parts of the organization
to execute strategic financial objectives
The strategic field
Provides leadership to achieve the long term
strategic goals
The core task field
Protects company assets and reports
on financial relationships with stakeholders
The operational field
Interacts with and streamlines the core functions
in the company's financial functions

Price structure

  • Hourly fee
  • Daily fee
  • Agreed project price
  • Retainer fee, retention of knowledge and relationships
  • Driving and travel expenses