Business Partners

We are proud of our network of regular business partners. These are experts in their field and can, upon agreement, participate in our projects, ensuring an even wider range of skills and resources available. This means that no matter the scope or complexity of your project, we have the right people to help you achieve your goals. With us by your side, you gain access to a team of dedicated professionals ready to bring your project to success.

Well-known experienced business partners
Reliable quality
Value for money


ERP Partner
The driving force behind Uniforce is the passion for delivering robust ERP solutions. With extensive experience in finance, project management, commerce, production, and warehousing, Uniforce possesses a wide range of competencies that can support, enhance, and further develop the business processes of its clients. Uniforce is not just a supplier, but a partner in business development, creating a stronger, more efficient, and future-proof company.

The Management Triangle

Partnership and Network for CXOs - Your Bridge to Success. The network consists of management consultants specialized in creating coherent solutions that span the entire organization. The work includes services for CEO, CFO, COO, and similar roles, ensuring that all aspects are covered. We collaborate closely to understand the unique needs and challenges of your business, using extensive experience and expertise to craft customized solutions that propel the business forward and create a stronger, more efficient, and future-proof company.



Is your small or medium-sized business lacking focus on HR? As your company expands, the need for structured personnel processes becomes inevitable to minimize time-consuming troubleshooting and inefficiency. As a freelance HR and management consultant, assistance is offered in establishing robust HR structures and processes, whether you need to create an HR function from scratch or simply require additional HR expertise on an ad hoc basis.

SL Management

COO Partner
SL Management is a partner in business development. With a solid background in operational management, procurement, logistics, and supply chains, it offers unique solutions that not only improve earnings but also strengthen processes and reduce costs. SL Management implements digital strategies and modern work processes to ensure that the company remains efficient and competitive in a digital world.  

Spar Nord Hørsholm

Personalized and Local Banking Services Nationwide

Despite being ranked as Denmark's fifth-largest bank, we prioritize providing a personalized and local banking experience to all customers, regardless of their geographical location. Here, clients receive more than just banking services; they gain a partner who understands and values the local community.

There is a strong belief in local potential, which is why the bank ensures close proximity to its customers, fostering both personal and local connections.